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Jesus Revolution

Looking for a Lenten experience? Have you considered returning to the theater? The recent Lionsgate release “Jesus Revolution” might give you cause.

It is a powerful message of redeeming the unredeemable… of loving the unlovable… including the excluded; and yes, even how our God uses the unusable. Equally true, the movie depicts a very realistic portrayal of how Satan fights back in the very lives God is using for divine purpose.

It’s kinda like church, if you are looking for entertainment, this movie either will or it won’t deliver… your perspective. If you are looking for revival, this movie delivers. Again kinda like church. A “True” Word of God has the power to comfort the disturbed while disturbing the comfortable. I entered the “comfortable” and exited the “disturbed.” My personal conviction? If it is easy or convenient; it’s probably not real ministry.

I have long prayed to see a revival of mega proportions; to see men, women, youth and even young people give their hearts to the Lord, and experience the peace and purpose that transcends. I even quoted the Prophet Isaiah saying, “Here am I Lord, send me” (Isaiah 6:8). But in thirty-five years plus of full-time ministry not once have I found myself eager to sit in the pouring rain with a frightened “junkie,” not even sure what he was running from.

Who among us are actually so hungry for revival we are prepared to have our lives interrupted… our churches disrupted… and our homes invaded? Maybe… just maybe that’s what is required for a real Jesus Revolution?

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