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It's Not Always About You

I recall a children’s pageant from Christmas past. It was the year my grandson (then age 4) was cast in the starring role… literally.

Before the presentation there was a great deal of excitement. Kyson literally beamed (pun intended) as he modeled his costume. He knew his part. He was to lead the magi to the manager and then stand and shine his light on baby Jesus while wise men and shepherds knelt in worship. Before the grand entrance… stage lights went down… a spot light drew attention to the “star” leading the wise-men down the aisle… making their way to where the baby lay.

With each timid step the strides grew shorter, until… until he spotted his mother. At that moment he burst into a run, off the stage and leaping into her arms. The wise-men could go to the manger if they want… but this “star” was staying with momma. Directions did not work… encouragement failed… even bribery came up short. Eventually the star did make it to Bethlehem… long after the magi… carried by his mom.

There I sat, trying to fight back the laughter. I did pretty well… until the final act. When the cast gathered for the grand finale, no one had to carry the star back on stage. Eagerly he ran to his spot, and with great pride, took his bows while the audience erupted with applause.

Isn’t that our story? Think about it… in this pageant called life, we each have been given a role to play… at first we’re excited… but when it comes our time to “shine”… often we get stage fright… sometimes we’re not even sure we want to go on. We forget our lines… hey, we even forget all about the show. But when it comes time for the accolades and the applause, we fight our way to the front of the line, eager to take our bow.

To be sure my little star had an important role to play, but he was only one of many within a supporting cast. In each Christmas play, there can only be one star… His name is Jesus… but sometimes… sometimes we forget that… don’t we?

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