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Going Up?

"Therefore encourage one another

and build each other up…”

(I Thessalonians 5:11 NIV).

Greetings in Christ,

As the father of three daughters, I often told my girls; “Friends are like elevators, they can take you up or they can take you down.” It was wise parental advice, for we know often it is where our friends go, we go… what our friends do, we do. Knowing well every choice has consequences, as a father I wanted to encourage my girls to always chose wisely. As a grandfather, I now smile when I hear the same wisdom imparted on my grandchildren by their mothers.

Today, while making a pastoral visit at the hospital, these words came back to me. I was on my way up, when the elevator stopped and the door opened. A lady stuck her head in, and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I need to go down.”

Without thought, I heard my voice say, “Oh, I’m sorry, this elevator only goes up.” Immediately I was convicted by my own words.

Does it? How often am I guilty of being the elevator going down? My day gets heavy and I dump my load on the first unexpecting face? The young man operating the only check out line at Wal-mart, because I refuse to use self check out? The young lady at the nursing home whose job is to meet me at the door, take my temperature and ask the same trying questions before granting me entrance?

If I have ever been the cloud on your otherwise sunny day, please accept my apology. If I have been or ever am the negativity robbing you of your positive enthusiasm, please hear me… I am truly sorry!

Lord, help me to be a one way elevator. May I always be reaching for you, perpetually going up; pausing only to offer others a ride on their way to you.

Together in His service,

Bro. Tim

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