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Celebrating 20 Years

Greetings in Christ,

June 16th often comes and goes without much fanfare. But this year it has been a cause of much reflection for me. On this day I silently celebrated the 20th anniversary of proclaiming my very first sermon as Pastor of the Owensboro Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The above picture is from the August 4th Installation Service, where we officially began our journey together as pastor and church.

Looking back, I want to thank God for the call to serve, and for the sustaining power of the Holy Spirit. The journey has not always been easy, but together we have been witnesses to God’s love, mercy and grace; celebrating His endless blessings, and basking in His eternal presence every step of the way.

Here, I want to pause and thank my wife. Without Teresa, with her tireless patience, and constant encouragement, I could have never fulfilled the responsibilities of pastoral service. And to my daughters and grandchildren; thank you for your understanding and support even through the numerous family events and celebrations where dad and/or papa was not present.

Finally, thank you, the Owensboro CP Church for being … well… Church. Together we have proclaimed the Gospel. Together we have been witnesses to God’s endless mercy. Together we have celebrated the forming of family through the covenant of Christian Marriage. We have celebrated new birth, and new birth in Christ. Together we have wept at the grave; and supported each other through sickness and struggle. Together with God, we have been Church!

Looking back often invites us to evaluate the present and look into the future. Maybe this is the time for us all (pastor and church) to recommit our hearts to the service of our Lord? Maybe this is the time for you and I to intentionally look for new ways to grow our relationship with God and one another? Maybe this is the time to recommit our time, talents, and monies to grow God’s church and build God’s kingdom? Without knowledge of tomorrow, maybe today is the day to recommit to God our ALL; and thereby, together fulfill our collective call to be … well… to be CHURCH?

Together in His service,

Bro. Tim

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