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By Faith. Not Sight.

"For we walk by faith, not by sight. "

2 Corinthians 5:6-8

FAITH. No, I am not talking about my kid sister. I am talking about the Biblical action ((verb) yes, it requires movement) that carries us from where we were when we accepted Jesus Christ into our hearts, to the day that we get to celebrate in seeing His face. As a child, it seemed to me that FAITH was being really good, and hoping that Jesus was pleased with all of my effort. I could be really good, at least some of the time. As a teen, I was convinced that FAITH was the understanding that God was small enough to hear my every desire, but large enough to make them become reality. God was just sitting around, waiting for me to throw another coin into the wishing well. FAITH is, however, much more than I had ever imagined. In Psalm 119, David talks about God's word being a lamp for our feet. This lamp shows us each step, as we walk by FAITH. One step at a time. We know that He is going to take us to where He wants us to go. The lamp does not show us what is 10 steps ahead, or what is 10 years ahead. The lamp does not continue to shine light on the steps that we took in seasons past. Seasons of comfort, or seasons of pain. Prosperity or struggle. The lamp is constantly and consistently providing a path to the next step that the Lord has placed in front of us. Even when the next step may seem out of place, or you feel that there must be some mistake, because your path was certainly supposed to be leading you another direction, listen for His word. Look for His light to guide your movement. In the big steps, and the small. 2 Corinthians 5 says that we “walk by FAITH, not by sight.” FAITH is listening to His word, knowing that He does not make mistakes, and trusting that every step was laid out, with such care, in its perfect place, precisely when and where you needed it to be. Don't stop. Have FAITH. Take the next step. He is FAITHful.

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