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Is God Big Enough?

A lot of times in my life, I have found myself facing insurmountable odds, staring at mountains that I could never move, convinced that I do not have what it takes. In these moments, it is almost always a knee-jerk reaction to assume that if I am in a fix, God must also be in that same fix. If I can't overcome this struggle, large or small, how could He? I can vouch that there was a time in my life where the struggles inside of my own head seemed destined to dictate the remainder of my life. I was lost. All of that changed one day, not in an instant, but gradually, as a pastor told me that I needed to stop trying to "fix" myself. It wasn't possible. There is only one Man that could take all of my broken pieces and make me whole again. His name is Jesus. It was a momentous occasion, such a revelation, but it was not the end of the journey for me. Two summers ago, as I walked to the restroom in Rocky Mountain National Park, I was enamored as I stared up at the stars. What a miraculous sight to see, and to just bask in the millions of bursts of light. A few nights later, Charli and I lay on a picnic table at the Grand Canyon, looking up at the stars, again lost in the vastness of his reach. As I looked up at those same stars this past weekend, while camping, I began to reflect on the size of the God that I try to follow faithfully. After all, it wasn't that long ago that I questioned his size and scope, particularly as it pertained to my life. Psalm 147 : 4 says that He determines the number of stars in the sky, and He calls them all by name. Each and every one. That's crazy. He gave them all a name. Those same stars that I still find myself lost in, every chance I get. I don't know if I will ever fully grasp the scale of such a feat. So, is God big enough? Yeah, He's big enough. We just have to give Him the opportunity to show us the wonders He has in store. So go ahead, see what He's waiting to show you.

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